Our "why". 

 It is 2019 and we still lose children to malaria, an easily preventable and curable disease. Parents still have to choose which of their children will get an education because they can't afford to send them all. Children still die of diarrhea and mothers still bury babies because they didn't have the means to feed them. We believe this world is more than capable of fixing this. 

Over 80% of Ugandans live in rural areas and support their families through subsistence agriculture. 60-80% of those farmers are women and are ill-equipped to do their jobs on the basis of sex. Through our investments in start-up garden and livestock projects, women small holders and their families are able to invest in the future of generations to come. We dream of a Uganda where a mother does not have to worry about how she will find $5 to treat her child's malaria. A Uganda where children no longer need school sponsorships because their families can pay school fees themselves.

What does this look like practically?

.After we have identified a woman farmer in privation, our team starts with an intake interview and land survey. We identify the degree of the family's financial burdens, useable land or facilities, and a corresponding agriculture project capable of supporting the family's specific needs. Some families may only need a small garden, while others may need a large chicken project. Each potential micro loan recipient is required to present a viable business plan. Once approved, our team works side by side with the family from start to finish, monitoring growth and teaching simple saving plans. 


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